Original Parts offers - Roseland Motors Limited
Only Volkswagen Original parts are engineered specifically for your vehicle. No retrofitting required. No modification needed. Just the right part for your car at the right price. German-engineered, built to last, and backed by a limited warranty of 1 year / 20,000 km (whichever occurs first). All prices include professional installation by Volkswagen experts.
2010 Jetta TDI - DSG service
Keep your DSG transmission well oiled for a slicker change of pace.
2010 GTI - Brake fluid flush
With great power should come great brakes.
2010 Golf - Air filter installed
We all need clean air to help us breathe more easily. Your Volkswagen included.
2011 Golf Wagon - Pollen filter
Clear the air between you and your Volkswagen.
2009 Jetta - Diesel fuel filter
The cleaner your fuel, the better you’ll run.
2008 Jetta - Battery
We all need to recharge our batteries.
2005 Golf - Rear muffler
If your Volkswagen says a lot about you, don’t let your engine scream obscenities.
2010 Jetta - Wiper blade set
Don’t wait for a change in the weather to remember to change your wipers.
2007 Jetta - Front brake pads & discs
Keep all that horsepower reined in.
2007 Golf - Rear brake pads & discs
Keep all that horsepower reined in.
2004 Jetta - Front strut
We know it’s nice to “feel the road.” But not literally.
2004 Golf - Rear shock
Your Volkswagen should feel like a Volkswagen for your rear passengers too.
2001 Jetta - Coil Spring
Coil springs are a crucial part of your Volkswagen’s suspension.
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