Buying a Vehicle

No. Retail sales of all Volkswagen vehicles in Canada are done directly through your local certified Volkswagen dealers. Volkswagen Canada is the importer and is responsible for the warranties offered on the vehicles whereas the Dealers are responsible for your service, parts and sales needs.

To view current special offers please click on "Promotions" above. You may also visit or contact us for more details at (905) 632-0222.

For general inquiries please call 1-800-668-8224 or 1-514-332-4333. For end of lease information please call 1-866-400-7963.

In Canada, we're pretty used to paying more than the price we see on a price tag.  The Ontario government has implemented a sales tax known as HST (13%), which many of us are too familiar with. But when buying a new car there are some other fees you may not recognize. What these fees are called might vary from dealer to dealer, but most often they'll be called "delivery and destination" or "freight and PDI." So what exactlyt does that mean? What are these fees and why do you have to pay them?


Freight, or destination, is the charge for getting the vehicle from the factory to the dealership. This could involve shipping the vehicle from across an ocean, driving a vehicle across the country or packing something up a bit more delicately. Manufacturers set the freight price based on the nameplate for the vehicle, so no matter where you are, you'll pay the same price. Most vehicles are not manufactured in Canada, so this set fee ensures that even if the vehicle is shipped from somewhere overseas like Japan, you'll still pay the same price. These costs are also standard across the country, so someone in B.C. will be paying the same fee as someone in Ontario. This fee will usually be higher with bigger and more luxurious vehicles, as the cost to transport them will be much higher than a regular compact vehicle.

PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)

PDI, or delivery, is the charge for a technician at the dealership to inspect the car to make sure it has no cosmetic or mechanical issues from transportation. Just because a vehicle is brand new from the factory, doesn't mean it's ready for you to take home. It's also for the wash crew to run the vehicle through the car wash and make sure the car is presentable for the new owner. It also includes any final touches the vehicle may need such as filling up the gas tank and topping up fluids.

Yes! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be there every step of the way to help you design your dream Volkswagen. Click HERE for more information about pre-ordering and customizing your Volkswagen.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) is a Volkswagen program that allows you piece of mind when buying a used vehicle. Each Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen undergoes a rigorous inspection by our expert technicians. This detailed process helps reveal potential issues before they happen -- using VW Original Parts for any repairs. CPO vehicles are also eligible for extended warranty coverage, giving you greater peace of mind. Before a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen becomes available, it undergoes a 112-point inspection. Whether it's under the hood or inside the cabin -- we check it. And if something needs replacing, we only use genuine Volkswagen Original Parts. For more information about CPO click HERE.

Leasing & Financing

If you like to keep things fresh and your monthly payments low, leasing might be just the thing for you. Depending on your needs, the length of your lease can be anywhere from 1 to 5 years with a set kilometer limit. At the end of the lease, you can pick a new Volkswagen for your next adventure, purchase your current Volkswagen for a predetermined price, or return it to your Volkswagen dealer. 


- May provide lower monthly payments than financing, over a shorter term
- Flexible lease terms and a range of kilometer allowances that suit your lifestyle
- Ability to turn-in your vehicle for a newer Volkswagen model or buy your vehicle at a predetermined price at lease maturity
- Drive a new Volkswagen more often!

Before you own the road, you may want to own your Volkswagen. With our financing plans, you can do just that. You can choose a personalized deposit, financed amount, term and repayment structure. What's more, you can borrow the required funds at a low interest rate and pay for your vehicle over your chosen term.

- Own your Volkswagen for the life of the vehicle and build equity
- No vehicle customization limits or kilometer restrictions
- Competitive rates and flexible terms from Volkswagen Finance

An open lease is for someone who wants a lower residual value or who is looking to lease and then buy their car. The lessee guarantees the residual value. Closed end leasing allows you to lease with a specific mileage allowance and return the car at the end of the lease if you at or under this mileage with no additional cost. You are responsible for excess wear and tear on a closed end lease.

We allow you to trade in your lease for a new or preowned vehicle. We also offer lease extensions or you may buyout your lease.

Leasing is just an alternative form of financing a vehicle. Instead of paying your loan to zero the residual value is set for the vehicle. This residual value usually reflects the future value based on a specific mileage. For example a lease will allow 24,000 km per year and the residual value will be set for this mileage. You then have the option at the end of the lease to buyout your lease, return it if it is under mileage or extend your lease till you buy it or trade it for a newer model.

You can trade in your owned, financed or leased vehicle against a new lease. Remember that if you have a finance or lease the trade value will need to cover paying out the vehicle. A fully owned vehicle will act as a down payment with the benefit of saving you the HST on its value. Any equity in a financed or leased vehicle will also act as a down payment toward your new lease.

If you would like to end your lease early our dealership can assist you with either buying out or trading in your lease. To do this, a buyout amount will be calculated, a buyout is simply what you owe on your lease. If your vehicle is worth more than you owe you can put that equity towards your next vehicle. If it is worth less than you owe will have to cover that shortfall by either paying the amount, or adding it to your next lease.

Every lease has a predetermined mileage allowance. You will be responsible for any mileage over your allowance. So always make sure you negotiate enough mileage to cover your driving habits. I t can be expensive to pay it at the end of the lease in one lump sum verses paying a little more each month on your lease.

You can lease a vehicle for as little as 12 months and as much as 60 months depending on your need and your budget.

You are required to have full insurance coverage on a lease, no different than a bank finance, this means liability, collision and comprehensive coverage.

Yes you can buy extra mileage up front, we allow for mileages up to 50,000 km per year. It is cheaper to pay them up front than at the end of the lease.

Yes you may be able to either refinance or release your lease.


Volkswagen parts and accessories are sold through our Parts Department. Call us at (905) 632-0222.

Accessories are covered for the new-vehicle limited warranty period of 4 years / 80,000 km (whichever occurs first) when purchased at the time of new vehicle purchase. If purchased from an authorized dealer after delivery of vehicle, but during the new-vehicle limited warranty period, accessories are covered for the longer of either the remainder of that new-vehicle limited warranty period or a period of 2 years / unlimited kilometers.

Accessories are covered for the 2-year / 40,000 km CPO limited warranty extension when purchased at the time of CPO vehicle purchase with the Premium Assurance Program.

Volkswagen Parts are backed by a 2-year / unlimited-kilometer limited warranty from the date of purchase. Some parts, including batteries, come with a longer warranty. If purchased from an authorized dealer during the new-vehicle limited warranty period, parts are covered for the longer of either the remainder of that new-vehicle limited warranty period or a period of 2 years / unlimited kilometers.

Our Parts Department can help you order or access an Owner's manual for your vehicle. To reach the Parts Department at Roseland Volkswagen, call (905) 632-0222.

Yes! To see what is available (including winter tires) call our Parts Department at (905) 632-0222.

You may increase the wheel diameter on many models but there are factors that limit your choices such as outer tire diameter & ground clearance wheel offset. Our Service and Parts teams can help you assess your choices of factory-approved wheel and tire packages that will fit your Volkswagen. To contact Service or Parts call (905) 632-0222.


No. Any damage or defects caused by the use of a non-genuine Volkswagen part are not covered by a Volkswagen warranty. Only genuine Volkswagen parts and accessories are covered.

Please contact our Service Department and arrange a service appointment as soon as possible. This way we can ensure your vehicle does not run into any issues regarding the recall. To book a service appointment please call us at (905) 632-0222

The fluids identified in your manual as lifetime fluids should be replaced after 8 years or 160,000km, whichever occurs first.

If the yellow check engine light stays on (not flashing) you may continue to drive the vehicle, but book a service appointment as soon as possible. If the yellow check engine light is flashing, please pull off to the side of the road safely, stop your vehicle and arrange to have the vehicle towed to the dealership.

You should bring your vehicle to a licensed Volkswagen dealer to ensure that only genuine Volkswagen parts are used during the repair of your vehicle. Furthermore, our mechanics have Volkswagen model specific knowledge and expertise to repair you vehicle and ensure a safe return to the road.

Properly maintaining your vehicle according to the manufacturer's guidelines and schedule is the easiest way to ensure top resale value when you decide to sell. At Roseland Volkswagen, we can help you find the specific maintenance guidelines for your VW (year, make & model specific), as well as keep a record of your service and parts history with us. This will provide potential buyers with piece of mind knowing the maintenance was done at a licensed Volkswagen dealer and on time according to guidelines.

In general, your oil should be changed every year or 15,000km, whichever occurs first. This may differ depending on many factors. Our Service department will be able to assess what is best for you vehicle.

Our Store

Our updated hours of operation can be found below.

You may purchase VW clothing and merchandise from our Parts Department. To reach our Parts Department call (905) 632-0222

Yes. If your vehicle is being serviced feel free to wait in our waiting area where there is seating, a desk and a television. Complimentary coffee is provided and self-served.


Volkswagen Canada configures its model line-up independently from other markets (including that of the U.S.) based on the demands and legal regulations in Canada.

You can review safety ratings here: https://www.safercar.gov/

Of the Volkswagen 2022 lineup, the Atlas (V6) and the Atlas Cross Sport (V6) are rated to tow trailers.

Other models such as the Tiguan and Taos have a low towing capacity (roughly 1,500 lbs). Be sure to check with us as different trim lines may affect the vehicles capacity. The Owner's Manual of each vehicle will clearly state whether the vehicle is capable of towing or not.

You can find information pertaining to this at Natural Resources Canada.

Yes. Volkswagen sells some specific performance parts for various models. These may include performance exhaust, sport-tuned coil springs, alloy wheels, body kits, spoilers etc. For more information on what parts are currently available for any VW model you can contact our Parts Department at (905) 632-0222. Or visit the following webpage https://parts.roselandvw.com/accessories/Volkswagen__/Sport-and-Design.html

*please note that some parts may not be listed online, for more current and accurate information on available parts give us a call

Yes. Volkswagen Protection Plus is our extended warranty program. For more details on Volkswagen Protection Plus give us a call at (905) 632-0222.

The recommended gasoline octane rating for each vehicle is listed on a label located on the inside of the fuel cap.

It is important that the oil in your engine meets or exceeds the specification listed in your Owner's Manual. If there is a switch from mineral oil to synthetic, it is important you continue to follow the recommended change interval based on kilometers or time, whichever occurs first. If using synthetic you must ensure that it meets or exceeds the specifications for your Volkswagen. For more information on if you can use a synthetic oil in your Volkswagen you can call our Service Department at (905) 632-0222.
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